Kathy J. Husfeldt






Kathy Husfeldt is a paralegal in the Messerli Kramer Business Litigation group. She brings more than 20 years of support experience that spans every facet of the litigation process, including trial preparation, witness management and investigation, deposition outlines, and research on statutes, regulations, and agency rules/manuals. She has extensive experience working on cases regarding employment, healthcare, construction, and insurance litigation and appeals.

Well versed in a large variety of databases and legal software, Kathy is an expert in database maintenance and management of voluminous document collections. She helps attorneys prepare for trial by analyzing and preparing data reports, medical records, and any other documentation vital to upcoming and current cases. On top of her superior organization and management skills, Kathy has also formulated theories, strategies, and damages analyses based on case facts and documents.

Outside of database and document management, Kathy has a knack for developing and maintaining relationships with clients and witnesses, communicating regularly to obtain documentation, depositions, and other information needed for cases across multiple industries.