Resolve to Improve your HR Practices this Year

Posted Jan 4, 2013

Resolve to Improve your HR Practices this Year.

4 key ways that employers can improve HR practices in 2014.

  1. Review and update your company’s policies and handbooks.

An employee handbook can be a vital tool for an employer both in setting expectations, guiding performance and creating available defenses in the event of claims, charges and/or litigation. State and federal laws are constantly changing as are company needs. A handbook should be reviewed and updated regularly.

  1. Review and update all job descriptions.

Accurate and updated job descriptions assist an employer in hiring, disciplinary, accommodation and termination decisions. A thorough review of all job descriptions also includes an evaluation of employee classifications and status (exempt vs. non-exempt and independent contractor vs. employee), which assists employers in identifying and resolving any potential misclassifications.

  1. Review and update all employee agreements.

Employee agreements need to be accurately drafted and implemented. Employers should review their employee agreements and practices including noncompete and non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality agreements and employee authorizations, to ensure the company is utilizing and maximizing available employer protections.

  1. Be proactive in performance evaluations.

Although often over-looked and under-utilized, performance evaulations can serve as an important tool for an employer in productivity, discipline/termination, compensation and litigation contexts. Regular, accurate and documented performance evaluations are essential tools to every employer.

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