Messerli Kramer’s Government Relations team helps negotiate some of the most comprehensive criminal and civil law changes in the state. With the highest professional and ethical standards, our team brings a wealth of education, experience and results to our work at the Minnesota Legislature in the fields of public safety, law enforcement, and judiciary matters. Our lawyer lobbyists have been called upon to provide campaign finance support, advice and regulatory guidance for key law enforcement associations and elected public safety officials. The strong relationships we have developed with all key committee chairs, leadership, executive branch agency leaders and staff, and the Governor’s office, help us deliver the results our clients need.

Our client portfolio includes representation of the state prosecutor’s association, district judges association, and monitoring public safety issues for local units of government. We have also provided representation for the Chiefs of Police Association and Sheriff’s Associations.

Whether working to pass legislation, amend existing proposals, or defeat legislation that is harmful to our clients, we remain at the forefront of the debates regarding public safety and judiciary legislation.

Representative Experience

  • Negotiated passage of major legislation on Drug Sentencing Reform and Expungements.

  • Secured funding for enhanced prosecutor and law enforcement training.

  • Secured funding to adequately provide for judicial pensions and judicial compensation.

  • Secured legislation to address major changes in judicial and administrative forfeiture.

  • Secured funding for Drug Evidence Chemistry Lab, BCA.

  • Secured funding for Community Corrections Act (CCA) Counties.

  • Secured funding for Safe Harbor program to help victims of sex trafficking.


Picture of Katy B. Sen

Katy B. Sen

Lobbyist Principal