The attorneys in Messerli Kramer’s International Business group combine an in-depth knowledge of legal systems around the world; our international network of affiliated law firms and accounting firms; and our experience doing business overseas to assist companies in a broad spectrum of foreign transactions. We assist international businesses with legal matters related to commercial and financial transactions including mergers and acquisitions; real estate; labor and employment; distribution of goods and services including web and cloud-based products; sales networks; franchising; strategic alliances; joint-ventures; partnerships; arbitration; intellectual property; and software and technology.

Representative Experience

  • Represented foreign clients with cross-border mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; venture capital and private equity funding; IPOs and other equity capital market transactions; loans and debt market transactions; and intellectual property and technology transactions.

  • Represented foreign clients with inversion and reverse-inversion cross-border stock transactions driven by specific tax or regulatory objective—including anti-deferral rules and transfer pricing regulations.

  • Represented foreign clients with legal issues arising from cross-border manufacturing; supply and research; and development agreements.


Picture of Brett M. Larson

Brett M. Larson

Attorney, Minneapolis Division Chair