The Government Relations team at Messerli Kramer has significant experience representing clients at the Minnesota Legislature, and has a keen understanding of the complexities of transportation policy and funding. Our team understands the importance of stakeholder relationships and has vast experience helping clients navigate legislative committees and Governor’s Administrative actions at local and state levels. Our diverse client portfolio includes clients in all sectors, including plane, trains, and automobiles! The relationships we have garnered over the years in the transportation sector are unmatched, both inside and outside of the Capitol, leading to tremendous results for our clients.

Whether working to pass legislation, amend existing proposals or defeat legislation that is harmful to our clients, we remain at the forefront of the debates regarding transportation legislation. When called upon, we respond urgently, realizing that transportation and transit legislation is all that matters to many of our clients.

Representative Experience

  • Secured authorization, capital, and operating funding for the first light rail line in Minnesota.

  • Secured authorization, capital, and operating funding for the first commuter rail line in Minnesota.

  • Represented the Suburban Transit Association in securing funding for a first-of-its-kind suburb to suburb (S2S) bus demonstration project.

  • Prevented adverse tax legislation affecting Holman Field Reliever Airport in the City of St. Paul.

  • Secured authorization for a metro transitways development board and corresponding project financing during its nearly decade-long existence.

  • Advocated on behalf of the safety and security of railroads in Minnesota.

  • Secured funding on behalf of clients to reduce congestion on Interstate Highway 494.

  • Represented the City of Bloomington in securing $8.75 million for the Mall of America Transit Station.

  • Enacted railroad-related economic development program initiatives.

  • Negotiated major rail safety response program.


Picture of Katy B. Sen

Katy B. Sen

Lobbyist Principal