The attorneys in Messerli Kramer’s Divorce & Family Law group have extensive experience in aggressively representing their clients interests in all phases of the divorce process. However, it is often in the best interest of the client to negotiate a settlement out of court. Mediation is a voluntary process involving a neutral, experienced third-party that attempts to resolve issues without litigation.

Clients who choose mediation over traditional litigation find that by participating in the give-and-take of negotiations, they have more input in the final result than if a judge were involved. Matters resolved through mediation are typically less time consuming than the process of litigation and are resolved much quicker, resulting in lower attorneys fees.

The Family Law attorneys at Messerli Kramer have extensive experience successfully mediating all of the different issues that present themselves in the family courts. By resolving a case without a courtroom battle, we help our clients conclude their case peacefully so they can make a positive move forward for their own benefit, and for the benefit of their children.

Representative Experience

  • Represented privately-held business owners through mediation with minimum court involvement, protecting the integrity and private information of their respective businesses.

  • Guided parents through child-inclusive mediation in which their children’s voices were heard and used as part of the settlement negotiations.

  • Guided grandmother in raising concerns about the care her grandson was receiving through the mediation process, protecting the grandmother-child relationship while avoiding court involvement and litigation.

  • Represented client in mediation, developing creative spousal maintenance and property equalizer payment structures to ensure both parties were properly compensated without affecting the functioning their operating businesses.