Messerli Kramer’s Government Relations team understands the critical nature of healthcare legislation. We have developed a robust presence in the healthcare committees at the Minnesota State Capitol (and occasionally Washington D.C.) to serve a diverse portfolio of clients that includes Fortune 500 companies, physician groups, medical managers, and providers of care for children with complex medical issues. Our unparalleled relationships with members of the healthcare committees in both the Senate and House of Representatives are critical in achieving success for our clients.

Representative Experience

  • Secured legislation authorizing the use of bio-similar prescription drugs where appropriate.

  • Secured funding for discussions about end-of-life decisions between patients, family members, and healthcare providers.

  • Secured funding to adequately reimburse costs associated with services and ventilators for children with complex medical issues.

  • Secured funding to help the adoption process for children with placement challenges.

  • Secured legislation enabling the continued success of out-patient surgical centers.

  • Secured legislation providing for the construction of a much-needed hospital in one of the fastest growing regions of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area.


Picture of Katy B. Sen

Katy B. Sen

Lobbyist Principal